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With 17 years of experience, Assistant Ophthalmology Specialist. Assoc. Dr. Get detailed information about eye treatments by meeting with Mehmet Tetikoğlu.


Eye Diseases Specialization Areas


Get detailed information about cataract disease, cataract treatment and cataract surgery.

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Get detailed information about Laser Eye Surgery and laser eye drawing.

oküloplasti göz ameliyatı


Get detailed information about oculoplasty and orbital (eyelid) surgery.

Çocuk göz sağlığı


Get detailed information about child's eye health and baby's eye health.

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Eye Doctor

Eye Examination and Eye Surgery

We suffer from eye diseases and disorders many times throughout our lives from childhood to adulthood. Regular eye examination and early diagnosis are of great importance in terms of treatment. Eye diseases can be treated with both medical and surgical methods. With the developing technology, it is possible to treat it with painless and painless methods.

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Treatment Process

Before starting the treatment of eye diseases, an eye disorder or disease is diagnosed by conducting the necessary eye examinations. Depending on the eye condition and patient preference, glasses, lenses, medical treatment, surgical intervention or laser eye surgery may be applied.

Examination and Diagnosis

We examine and diagnose your disease with the latest technology and technology for eye diseases and eye disorders.


Let your treatment be realized with the expertise of Assistant Professor Doctor Mehmet Tetikoğlu in the field of eye diseases, treatment and surgery.

Surgical Intervention

We eliminate your eye disorders by methods such as traditional surgery, laser eye surgery and smart lens surgery.


We perform regular eye exams so that you can continue your healthy daily life after surgery and treatment.

Eye Diseases

Eye Diseases and
Eye Disorders

Eye diseases and eye disorders are natural human problems that we will encounter from time to time or will persist chronically throughout our lives. Today, it is possible to circumvent these processes quickly, effectively and safely. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can review the most frequently asked questions about eye diseases and find the answer to the question you are looking for in order to get rid of the question marks in your mind.

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It is usually manifested by symptoms such as severe eye pain, nausea, headache, redness and swelling of the eyes. It is possible to treat symptoms with the new generation diagnostic and counseling techniques developed within the framework of ophthalmology expertise.

Examples of macular disease, retinal detachment, glaucoma, eye trauma, and obstruction of various blood vessels can be given. If it is not diagnosed by a specialist in the early period, its effects can reach dangerous proportions.

We experience vision loss that occurs suddenly or develops over time. Nerve disorders in the eye may be caused by conditions such as bleeding within the eye, diabetes, and cataracts.

Eye health deteriorates as a result of congenital aging, aging, and conditions such as inflammation and allergies. Some of them are lazy eye, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes-related vision disorders.

It is very important to have a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist. Depending on the evaluation and patient complaints, contact lenses, glasses or surgical intervention options are used.

Foggy vision problem can occur due to many reasons. Blurred vision is known to occur due to aging, infection, trauma and cataracts.